5 Music instruments for beginners You Should Know About

Every child in New Zealand has grown up listening to folklore that mentions the traditional Maori musical instrument “Pūkaea.” As a resident of the country, it’s only natural if you’re feeling an itch to explore your musical side! So what’s stopping you?

All you have to do is pick an instrument and start practicing! In fact, there are many ​​music shops in Wellington which can offer you a wide variety of musical instruments to choose from. Once you’re set with it, it’s time to find a good teacher who can help you master the art.

But before you get to the point of learning, read this article to know about some of the ideal instruments for beginners!


It resembles a small guitar, but unlike one, an Ukulele has only four strings instead of six. This makes it easier to remember the sequence of chords. As a result, you can relatively quickly learn to play simplified versions of all your favorite songs.

It is excellent for beginners as it doesn’t require much patience to learn and delivers quick results. Not only is it effortless to learn but also pocket-friendly to buy! Moreover, you can find this musical instrument in music shops in Wellington and carry it anywhere you want.


Probably an instrument most of us have fond childhood memories with. Even though it’s more common in children, a recorder can also be a fun instrument for adults. There is no hassle of remembering keys or strings, and it all depends on the rhythm and intensity of your blows masstamilan.

It is excellent for gaining an understanding of pitch and tempo. Hence it provides a solid base for moving on to more advanced lung-based instruments. Besides, you can carry it around in your pocket and practise anywhere! Just blow and follow your instincts.


These could be bought in a set or individually. Generally seen as cool instruments, drums are super fun to learn. You also increase vagility in your hand muscles while learning to play music. It can also help you relax quite well and help you with anger management.

Drumming has also been associated with many other advantages. For instance, results show correlations between playing drums and better concentration in class. Moreover, it can also help you with self-esteem and confidence issues.


Ideal for learning the basics of music, a keyboard is one of the most common musical instruments for beginners. Hence many children learn it to understand the basics of music. At the same time, it also helps develop better hand-eye coordination Expotab.

Additionally, a keyboard also prepares you to be better with other instruments. For instance, you learn to read a music sheet while playing a keyboard. Moreover, it also helps you grasp different harmonies just by listening to it.

The Last Chord

Regardless of your chosen instrument, always remember its end goal. Music should make you feel better about yourself and help you deal with life more efficiently. So don’t take it up as a challenge that might make you miserable.

Remember that even though learning music is about persistence, it’s okay to give up at times. You’re not giving up on the journey of learning but simply pausing to reflect and pick up new sets of tools! The bottom line is to enjoy the learning experience and explore your talents!

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