Can You Negotiate Car Insurance?

You may wonder, “Can you negotiate car insurance?” The short answer is, “No.” There are some limitations to your ability to change auto insurance rates. First, you can’t get a new rate without a new state review. Your insurer must show financial necessity to change the rate. Otherwise, they may face large fines or lose their license. However, you can ask the insurer for a lower rate if you find one.

The key to negotiating your auto insurance rate is being civil and polite. Your insurance agent may not immediately give in to your request. Remember not to lose your temper or come off as overbearing. But if you are persistent, the insurance company may be willing to lower your rates. You may save hundreds of dollars over the course of a few months if you know how to approach the situation. And, the agents can identify problem areas and offer discounts.

Another way to reduce your auto insurance rate is to bundle your other insurance policies. Many people opt to bundle insurance policies with a low-cost auto insurance policy. They get multiple policy discounts, which can save them up to 25 percent. And you can also ask about discounts for safe car features. Whether you negotiate your car insurance rate or not, make sure you analyze your coverage needs and your leverage. You will be much better prepared if you’ve done your homework before making an offer.

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