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Here are some great home decorating tips. So that the house is not boring and more pleasant to live in. The tips that we bring to you are as follows. If you want to sell your house or apartment easily without trouble you can visit here.

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clearly divide the proportions

The plan of the house should be laid out in which part is the living room. It should be at the front of the house. When guests come to see the part of the house that is livable. And the bedroom should be at the back of the house to prevent noise from the kitchen. The smell of smoke will not interfere with your rest. slbux 

room walls need attention

Do not decorate or find anything else to block the walls of the room too much. will create a feeling of discomfort. It should fit properly or find a sliding door that can be used together. For example, the living room, living room, dining room to be in the same zone. The house will look clear. You can see outside. In addition, try to find beautiful curtains. Let’s decorate with light. Some of the walls are decorated with mirrors or pictures to be stylish in another way. Or try to put a beautiful flower pot in the corner of the room, it’s very comfortable for the eyes.

The entrance and exit must be convenient.

The distance between the fence and the door of the house Including the distance of the TV table, sofa, every part of the house must be organized, leaving a channel for easy walking, should find a table or place it in a high position The furniture must be transparent on both sides to help make you feel comfortable and not uncomfortable.

Don’t put too many fussy things.

Small items should find a container that is not cluttered. Some houses like to make wall shelves for placing small things, cute, but sometimes too much is too cluttered. Should leave space in the placement of no more than 3-5 pieces per shelf, it will look transparent, but if you are a craftsman who collects small items. full house Try to find a specific storage box. And rotate them out and put them on display, it also helps to make your shelf not monotonous masstamilanfree  .

Wiring must be organized

Today’s high-tech houses have only electrical appliances. Especially a computer with dozens of wires piled up behind a desk. The promise of an accident and a very cluttered eye should find a hub to collect the wires and not let the rigging apart to make the house look good and orderly. easy care It is also safe for family members. mywikinews

Arrange a small garden in front of the house to make it livable.

create a little nature By bringing waterfalls and trees to make a fish tank to raise fish. will make the area of ​​the house more pleasant sound of flowing water surrounded by flowers will make the cement wall not boring

tidy up the cabinet

A wardrobe or bookcase, if not neatly placed, will clutter your eyes and look cramped. Organizing will make it attractive and make you look for different things. found to have paid up

open room

The room will look stuffy. It’s not bright at all if the light doesn’t pass through. Use large windows and floodlights to help make it brighter or choose to paint the walls brighter. Adding a mirror will trick the eye, making the room look brighter and wider.

diligent cleaning

Cleanliness is important. Help make the air in the house look fresher, the room looks comfortable, especially the window clean. That will help the view outside to be clearer and more attractive to look at and also make the light more thorough.

Furniture doesn’t need a lot.

Too much compression of furniture will make the room look small and uncomfortable. Try to choose multi-purpose furniture. We will change the mode of use to make the room not boring and not cluttered because too much furniture

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