How does “Hemp” get permission to grow? Which part can be used?

Hemp scientific name Cannabis sativa L. ssp. Sativa is a plant that has been important in many countries for a long time. Because it is a plant that can be used in all parts from the leaves, stems, bark, cores, inflorescences, seeds and roots, it can be developed into various products. In many commercials, hemp is not new or raw material abroad. Because different parts are used, Hemp production is a practical product on an industrial scale. Currently, the European Union has a growing demand for hemp fiber. With France and Romania being the leading exporters. For the composite industry, auto parts in Germany and the textile industry in the Czech Republic, the area of ​​hemp plantations in Europe is steadily decreasing. Because of the EU’s standard agricultural policy. Therefore, new sources of raw materials worldwide have begun to be sought, while China has the largest CBD shop worldwide. And it is mainly used in the textile industry, so there is not much left for export.

Hemp is a new raw material that will help increase opportunities and potential in product development. On December 14, 2020, the Ministry of Public Health issued a Ministry of Public Health Notification Specifying the names of narcotics of category 5 (No. 2) for some parts of the cannabis plant. The brew is not classified as a narcotic, i.e. bark, stem, mycelium, branches, roots, or leaves with no shoots or inflorescences attached. CBD shop containing no more than 0.2% THC, seeds, oil or seed extracts. And residue from hemp extraction, which must contain THC not more than 0.2%

The Ministry of Public Health has issued a ministerial regulation on the request for permission and permission to produce, import, export, sell or have in possession of narcotics of category V, specifically Hemp, B.E. Selling and possessing from January 29, 2021, the import of hemp seeds to plant can be done within five years since this ministerial regulation came into force, except the inflorescences are not unlocked from drugs, because according to the drug convention. Internationally, it is also regulated as a drug. But can be used for medical purposes.

How to get permission to plant Kangchong?

Cultivation of kangchong is legal but requires permission from the FDA before it can be planted. Including the purpose of planting for what to know. They are beautifully planted as a houseplant for beauty. It is not allowed and is illegal.

Requesting permission to prepare documents as prescribed by the FDA and submit the documents

  • If the planting place is in Bangkok to, apply to the FDA.
  • In the province, to apply for the Sor.
  • Importing hemp seeds to apply to the FDA.

Under this ministerial regulation, one can apply for permission to CBD shop within five years from when this ministerial regulation is enacted.

What can I help do?

Herbs Hemp is considered a plant that is useful in every part. Most of them are used to make many skin care products. It can be used for the whole tree, the cost is not high, and it is suitable for generating income for households or a business

  • Inflorescences are used in modern medicine or Thai traditional medicine.
  • Hemp seeds, oils and extracts are used in cooking and cosmetics.
  • True leaves and propellers are used as herbs, food and cosmetics.
  • The bark, stem, and fibers make cosmetics, body scrubs, soaps, and shampoos.
  • CBD extract and THC not more than 0.2%, used to make cosmeceuticals, External herbs, medicines, dietary supplements
  • Branches: herbal products, cosmetics
  • Root: Cosmetics

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