How Does Sweden Deal With Mental Health Issues?

How does Sweden deal with mental health issues? This article answers these questions and more. It also highlights how mental health services are delivered in Sweden. Although the state does cover some costs of therapy, many people opt for private care. However, therapy is regulated in Sweden, and only licensed therapists are allowed to set up their own practices. While the country’s mental health services are generally quite well-funded, private care is not cheap.

The country’s experience is important to better understand the global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, which is expected to have a profound effect on mental health. Although it is rare for large scale surveys to look at mental health conditions, it is possible to get an idea of the extent to which the current COVID-19 epidemic is affecting mental health. The World Health Organization reports that COVID-19 is increasing the demand for mental health services and exacerbating the effects of existing mental health problems.

The Swedish government has worked with socially-conscious businesses to develop tools that can address mental health problems in children and adults. These apps include regular check-ups and personal counselling. This government agency is highlighting the work of socially-conscious companies, while working to make society more comfortable with tech. A good start is to develop a mental health app. In addition to using technology to improve mental health, GovTech Sweden is also focusing on a number of other socially-conscious companies.

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