Is the School System Indoctrinating Us, Not Educating Us?

What should educators do to protect students from the dangers of indoctrination? Should they stop teaching social-emotional learning? Should educators focus on teaching reading, writing and arithmetic? And should educators stop teaching “critical race theory”? That’s an important question, but what about the other issues? If the answer is no, then the school system is indoctrinating us, not educating us.

Indoctrination is the practice of using non-reliable methods to persuade children. It’s a form of brainwashing. Government-sponsored education is inherently biased and indoctrinating. It reeks of prejudice, and attempts to erode parental views. It’s a deliberate, orchestrated attempt to mold an electorate approved by the government, not a democratic process.

In Europe and Latin America, public primary education has been used by national elites as a tool to indoctrinate the masses. The theory also explains the expansion of primary education in nondemocracies. These countries expanded their primary education programs to indoctrinate their future citizens and maintain social order. It’s important to continue studying the effects of education on democracy in different regions and periods of time to understand their full meaning.

While public schools are not the glue holding our nation together, they are a focal point of division in society. The school system is coercive and threatens the ability of citizens to reach common ground. It is unconstitutional for parents to adopt government educational speech. The public education system is also unconstitutional for parents whose children are obedient to these government-mandated messages.

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