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Permanent vs. removable custom labels: what’s the best choice for your business?

The world of custom labels is filled with choices: shape, material, size, quantity and adhesive strength. Today, we are taking a look at the latter – what type of adhesive do you need for your labels?

There are two main types of custom labels: permanent and removable. Which is the best choice for your business? We are here to answer just that question. Read on to find out more about the different between permanent and removable labels, how to figure out which one is right for you and when to use which. Are you ready? Then let’s find out more.

1. Permanent labels

The term “permanent” refers to how strong the glue on the back of your labels is. It does not determine the material your labels are made out of. A permanent adhesive is the most commonly used glue in label printing, as it can stick to hundreds of surfaces without causing any damage or leaving adhesive residue.

2. Removable labels

As the name already suggested, removable labels are made to be removed. That means they use a weaker adhesive that will stick to flat surfaces such as plastic and glass. This does not mean that your labels will fall off, it simply indicates that the bond between glue and surface will be easier to break.

3. Deciding which type is best for your business

When it comes to deciding which type of custom label is best for your business, it really depends on your specific needs. If you need a label that’s going to last, then a permanent label is the way to go. But if you only need a label for a short period of time, then a removable label is a real option.

To figure this out, ask yourself these questions:

  • Will my label be used outdoors?
  • Is my label going to come in contact with water or oils?
  • How long do I need my labels to last?

For example, if you need super durable and waterproof labels that will withstand heat, sunlight, scratches and the dishwasher, a permanent vinyl label is just right for you.

4. When to use which label

Use permanent labels if you are looking for product labels and general use labels that need to last, such as: product branding, packaging seals, logo stickers, business labels, candle labels, labels for glass jars and beverage bottles.

Removable labels are ideal for short-term uses such as: promotions, special offers or seasonal sales. They’re easy to remove when you don’t need them anymore, which makes them a great choice for temporary labeling needs

So, there you have it! A brief overview of the difference between permanent and removable sticker labels. Now that you know more about each type, you can decide which is the best choice for your business needs. Thanks for reading!

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