The Facts Relating to the Era of Information Technology

The era of information technology will bring dramatic changes in society. These changes will take decades, unlike the dramatic changes of the printing press era. The printing press was responsible for the Reformation, Renaissance, and Scientific Revolution, and it will likely play a role in shaping this new era. Nonetheless, what are the facts relating to the era of information technology? and how will it affect society?

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The increase in connectivity resulting from the use of information technology creates a number of questions. These questions include: how desirable is this development? Is it in the best interests of society? How should we regulate this technological development? In addition, what is the future of privacy? Are we truly free to share our data online? Are there certain groups that are more vulnerable to cyberattacks than others?

A significant portion of U.S. GDP is generated by the IT industry. The growth of this industry has outpaced the contributions of goods-producing industries to the gross domestic product. These trends are not unique to the U.S.; other advanced economies, like those of the OECD, have experienced similar trends in recent years. However, the IT industry will continue to shape the economy for years to come.

The first use of information technology can be traced to the premechanical age. The premechanical age spans from 3000B.C. to 1450A.D. During this time, humans first communicated with petroglyths, which were carved in stone. As more people wrote, early alphabets emerged, including the Phoenician alphabet. As more people wrote, pens became widely used and paper was made from papyrus plant. The Chinese also used paper made from rags.

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