Ways to Find a Music Video without Knowing the Name

It’s a bright Sunday morning and you are sitting at a coffee shop sipping your favorite latte. A catchy song plays and gets stuck in your head. Even when you get back home, you don’t remember the exact lyrics or the name of the song, but it is still playing in your mind. Now, is it even possible to know the correct lyrics or the name of the song? Yes! You can determine the name of the song in many ways. All you need do is, get in touch with Spectrum servicio al cliente to get access to a stable internet connection for your song search.

So, let’s get started!

Step 1: Recall the Lyrics

It may seem challenging at first, but you should try to recall the bits of lyrics of the song you are looking for. Visit Google and enter the lyrics on the search bar. Even if the lyrics are not in the correct sequence, there is a chance that you will find the song anyway. Google will navigate you to the music video of the song on YouTube. If the first link that appears in the results does not contain the song you were searching for, visit the next few links until you find that song.

Step 2: Try a Music Identifier App

If Google search doesn’t work, you can download an app that is built specifically to look up a song. For example, Spotify allows you to search a song through its lyrics. Similarly, other apps, such as Shazam allow users to search for a song by entering its lyrics.

Step 3: Hum the Song

If you have the updated version of the Google app installed on your smartphone or tablet, make sure you add its widget on your home screen. Next, tap the mic icon on your Google widget and you will notice that a screen appears on your phone. Next, tap “Search a Song” and start humming the song. It may seem awkward at first, but it works wonders! Even if you can’t remember the exact lyrics, this technique will help you find the song within a few seconds.

The song you are singing will be matched with thousands of other songs across the world. Google makes use of a special algorithm that compares the lyrics to other songs and navigates its users to the ones that sound alike. However, you need to ensure that you sing the song properly, otherwise, you may fail to get accurate results.

Step 4: Search it on YouTube

YouTube is the best platform for finding any song. Even if you don’t know its name, YouTube will search for your song and may display multiple video results for you to check. Starting from the first one, you should play every video in the top 10 results until you find it.

However, if your YouTube app or website fails to load the video, you may need to call numero de Spectrum to resolve your buffering issues.

Step 5: Ask Your Friends

A lot of times, we become frustrated when a song gets stuck in our heads. However, instead of stressing out, try to ask your roommates, friends, or family members if they have heard the song. You can sing the song around your closed ones. If one of them has heard the song, they will let you know its name. However, if you can’t sing the exact lyrics of the song in front of your friends, you can hum the song. This way, if it sounds familiar, your friends will tell you its name. Alternatively, you can record an audio clip and share it in your friend’s group chats so that they will help you find out its name.

The Bottom Line

Searching for a song is not easy, especially when you don’t remember its lyrics. However, the abovementioned ways have made it easier to look up any song even if you don’t remember a single word correctly. From humming on your Google app to asking others, there are plenty of ways to try until you know the name of the song. But, in the future, we recommend you record the song as soon as you find it catchy or pleasant to your ears.

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