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What Are the Most Popular Social Media Sites in Germany?

The most popular social network in Germany is WhatsApp. 87% of internet users use it regularly. In comparison, 58% use SMS. Its popularity has made SMS redundant in Germany, as the contact information for WhatsApp users on websites is considered essential. But how many people are using WhatsApp in Germany? Its usage is rapidly increasing, so the question is: how much do you know about the German social network? We’ll take a closer look at the main social media bitsandboxes.

Xing is a social networking website for professionals. The social network has more than 100,000 members and is indispensable for recruiting and branding film indir mobil. Viadeo, which is popular in France, is also popular in Germany. It has 40 million users, but the company is still growing rapidly and is aiming at B2B sales. In addition to LinkedIn, other social networks in Germany are worth checking out. Here are just a few highlights of some of the most popular social media sites in Germany.

LinkedIn and Xing are both career-oriented. LinkedIn has a large following, but Xing is slightly older. Both of them are similar in market lifeline hospital. Those who are interested in the German social media scene can check out Xing and see which one is right for them. You’ll be amazed to discover how many people are using these platforms in Germany. And what about if you’re looking to advertise your business?

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